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At Market Street Boutique, we proudly present an array of clothing, gifts, and accessories, but the world of fashion and beauty is vast, and there's so much more to adore! Welcome to 'All the Things She Loves,' my blog where I curate and share my cherished collections from our boutique and the ever-expanding realms of fashion, gifting, and beauty. Dive into gift guides, beauty insights, occasional travel tales, and more, all conveniently gathered in one place for your enjoyment!

Market Street Boutique & All Things She Loves

Achieving Restoration Hardware Style on a Budget
Introducing Affordable Elegance Restoration Hardware's signature style is synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication, but it often comes with a premium price tag.
Unveiling the Power of Mascara: Your Ultimate Guide to Lashes
Mascara is a staple in virtually every makeup bag, providing the finishing touch to our eye-catching looks. Whether you're aiming for a natural flutter or dramatic, bold lashes, there's a mascara out there to suit your every need. These are my...
Free People: Where Quality Meets Bohemian Chic in Relaxed Fashion
Discover the latest trends and timeless aesthetics that have made Free People a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts. From flowy dresses to cozy sweaters and chic sunglasses, explore a carefully curated list of our favorite Free People pieces that epitomize comfort, contemporary style, and the art of effortless chic.
Revive Your Tresses: The Ultimate Guide to Soothing Summer-Damaged Hair
Discover the ultimate guide to reviving your tresses after the summer sun. Dive into a curated selection of top haircare products and expert tips to soothe and rejuvenate your hair, leaving it vibrant, healthy, and ready to shine once more.
Slumber in Style: Unveiling the Bedding of Your Dreams
Crafting the perfect bedding arrangement isn't solely about enhancing your sleep quality; it's equally about elevating the overall ambiance of your bedroom. Whether it's the duvet that wraps you in comfort, the sheets that caress your skin, or the pillows that cradle your head, selecting the right bedding components is an art that harmonizes comfort and style.
Welcome Home: A Beautiful Home Starts Here
Creams, browns, blacks, and greens - these are the colors that define my favorite home decor palette. They bring a sense of cozy warmth and an inviting ambiance without overwhelming the senses. I'm particularly enamored with the clean, bright, and...
Show Stopping Designer Bags That Don't Break the Bank, So Ask for Two!
I feel like when we think designer, we go straight to thinking Louis Vuitton, but I think I'm over it. I want something that is still amazing quality and service, but I want fun, different, classy, and not $1000 minimum....
Lighting is What I Decorate Around. It's a Passion.
Oh lighting how I love you! The perfect chandelier, pendent, or sconce can change a room. It can be the focal point and set the mood. The color, texture, height, or sparkle can bring a smile and draw an eye....
An Outdoor Area to Enjoy with Family & Want to Share with Friends
If it's up to me, we're sitting outside. Not only because I'm always cold, but I think it's just where I was meant to be. Might be a little hot some day and a little cold on others, but it's...
OMG Babies! Is There Anything Better? So, Let's Shower Them In Love!
Everything baby these days is just so amazingly adorable. Where was all of this years ago?! Creating this gift list was so much fun, but it did make me want another! Could you imagine! Baby gifts are so much fun...
Hair Care Made Easier - My Top Products I End Up Buying Again & Again
If you share my passion for haircare, you probably know the feeling of collecting more hair products than makeup and skincare combined. Personally, I can't resist trying out new products and discovering how they can elevate my haircare routine. Dealing...
My Makeup & Skin Care Must Haves - This Week
Keeping your makeup routine clean and seamless doesn't have to be a challenge. And skincare shouldn't be so complex! But, with so many options and brands, where do you even begin?! To start, every day isn't created equally. My routines...
Beautiful Organization in Your Home
Organize your home while keeping a beautiful aesthetic. Clear bins, natural baskets, and furniture with built-in storage can add to your home and keep a clean and minimal look. JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view...
Bridal Colletion
Shop all things white! From your engagement photos and bachelorette party to the week of your big wedding day, look stunning in white!
Our Summer Line is Here, and It's Been 8 Years!
For over 8 years, Market Street Boutique has served the Saint Augustine, Florida area along with the thousands of online customers, and we could not be more excited about the new and upcoming things happening! I always said I would...
Laundry Jugs are Just a Little Prettier than the Big Orange Container
For the record, there were two jugs! lol I think that's why this video got so many views! Many thought I was mixing my softener and detergent. Although it may save me a few seconds, it is not what happened...
Tiktok Vinyl Countertop Hack
Hello! So, I'm guessing you saw my Tiktok! I used this fun Marble Vinyl hack while living in an apartment when building my home to make it a little more unique and my style! It made the room look so...
My Favorite Home Decor from TikTok
I'm obsessed with my Boutique, but my favorite hobby is Home Decor! The little things around us daily that brighten our spirts, create a warm atmosphere, and just make things easier. Amazon holds many of these simple products, but my...
Monogram Embroidery & Vinyl in St. Augustine
Are you looking to get something personalized whether it's stitching or vinyl? We offer both stitching and vinyl monogramming. We have items in store available for purchase or you can bring in your own items to get monogrammed!  
Stitch Monogramming in St Augustine! Make Your Gifts Custom!
Did you know Market Street Boutique offers both Vinyl and Stitch Monogramming?! Bring in your cups, tumblers, agendas, towels, tees, purses, well, anything! They do it all. Even more, you don't have to purchase your items from them to get...
Business Spotlight: Palencia’s Market Street Boutique
Business Spotlight: Palencia’s Market Street Boutique Posted by: Cathy Eng in Business Spotlight   If you’re looking for something beautiful for your home or a one-of-a-kind gift, don’t drive all over Northeast Florida! Just stop by Market Street Boutique, Palencia’s...
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