Liza Schwartz - Palencia's Market Street Boutique

Liza Schwartz

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About Liza Schwartz Jewelry

A South Beach native, Liza Schwartz designs jewelry inspired by the rich culture of her hometown. She also draws ideas from her time spent studying abroad in Barcelona, adding, for example, Evil Eye charms to braided leather bands. From bracelets and earrings to rings and necklaces, each handmade piece incorporates several different materials. Leather bracelets come adorned with diamond hearts, crystal charms and wooden beads, while sterling-silver earrings feature natural stones in shades of purple, bronze and black. Rings are on offer, adorned with freshwater pearls, as well as necklaces with vintage coins. Modern, versatile and sophisticated, the jewelry has been praised everywhere from Cosmopolitan andSeventeen to Aventura magazine. Just one piece will add a touch of carefree, worldly style to any outfit.