CoffeeToffee 3oz Kraft Bag

  • $ 7.00

Coffee Toffee-Our robust coffee infused toffee certainly wakes up one's palate. We've partnered with a local coffee roaster, to ensure freshness and a rich coffee flavor for this tempting treat. Toffee with locally-sourced, awesome coffee - eye-opening, taste-budding delighting good - anytime of day, or night!

Sea Salt- This traditional combination of sea salt and dark chocolate has withstood the test of time. We took our grandma's amazing toffee recipe and improved it. How? We coat our toffee with a decadent dark chocolate and finish it with a delicious dusting of fresh-roasted California almonds and the perfect grind sea salt. This popular recipe has withstood the test of time, providing the perfect blend of sweet and salt. Sail away to savory bliss with just one bite.

Bourbon Toffee- Our Bourbon Toffee was inspired by my grandma, because that was her drink of choice. Our rich, buttery toffee combined with decadent dark chocolate and freshly roasted California almonds, and perfectly blended with aromatic, Maker's Mark bourbon to create a savory sweet treat. Oo-la-la. This one's for you grandma!