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The ultimate accessory, our Spotted Wolf clip scarf is the luxe layer you'll love against your skin. Worn over a sweater, coat, suit or shell, it's an easy of-the-moment wardrobe update! Truly a tribute to nature's perfection, Spotted Wolf is a trifecta of color, authenticity and touch beginning with a rich warm Brown undercoat, punctuated with light Taupe spots and rich Black guard hairs. Thick and lush, Spotted Wolf is ultra-silky and soft as well. But here's the secret sauce: a magic clip, hidden on the satin-lined reverse of this Spotted Wolf clip scarf allows this beautifully versatile accessory to be worn in a myriad of ways--clip it high for a closely-fitted collar; clip it low for a shawl-collar look. Clipped in the middle . . . well, you get the point! You'll see: it's an easy investment with a big return!