Blenders - Red Strike Polarized

Blenders - Red Strike Polarized

Regular price $ 48.00


- Matte Black Frame
- Red Mirrored Polarized Lenses
- Maximum Comfortability
- Microfiber Pouch Included


News of our ‘Canyon Collection’ is spreading like wildfire, so it should come as no surprise that our ‘Red Strike’ sunglasses are igniting the passions of backpackers, cyclists, and extreme sports aficionados everywhere.

The ‘Red Strike’ shades serve up scorching style built for the rigors of the outdoors. Black frames are strongly contrasted by our polarized red mirrored lenses, which are so vibrant as to conjure up imagery of volcanic lava flows moving amongst obsidian rock, resulting in an aesthetic perfect for all the trailblazing on your agenda.

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