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Blenders Natty Ice Lime x2

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 Real talk. The ‘Natty Ice Limes’ look great, and they feel good too. Our crystal clear frames have some white gloss details, giving them that cool icy look. The green lenses then give it a style that pops. 

People loved them so much, that we brought them back a second time, but this time in 'M Class X2' and with forest green lenses. How do you improve on a classic like 'Natty Ice Lime' for the ‘M Class X2 Collection’? You do things like enhance overall structural integrity, integrate second-generation spring hinges, and add slick accents like all-metal live in forward motion temple stripes.


  • Crystal Clear Frame
  • Lime Green Mirrored Lenses / Forest Green Mirrored Lenses
  • Spring Loaded Hinges
  • Microfiber Pouch & Sticker Pack Included
  • Medium-Large Sized
  • Round and Heart Shaped