Mud Pie

Market Street Boutique offers a wide variety of Mud Pie Frames, hostess gifts, decor and more!

Creative, adorable, fun, and innovative gifts are words that describe Mud Pie® product. The company began 25 years ago with 10 items and has grown into a leading gift company. Since 1988, Mud Pie has created gracious gifts. We identify cultural trends, interpret them for moms, grandmothers and retailers and then create unique gifts. Mud Pie designers develop and deliver the right product, at the right price, at the right time. Mud Pie creates the most affordable, highest quality gifts, all adorably packaged for multiple occasions. People who give Mud Pie gifts earnestly think about how to individualize their choices and provide gracious items to friends and family. Mud Pie’s gift-ready packaging is convenient, distinctive and memorable.