Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Posted by Brittany Farley on

Ladies, share this blog with all of your men! We've got your Valentine's Day gift covered this year.  All of our girls would love to help create that perfect gift for you, send them our way! 

 You & Me Frame: $25.00

Spongelle: $20.00

Wifey Hubby Coffee Mug Set: $32.00




 Corkcicle: $32.95
Marble Cosmetic Bag: $35.00
Lollia Handcreme: $25.00
Wine Glass: $12.00
Kitsch Hair Ties: $9.00
Mer Sea Candle: $10.00
Mer Sea Body Oil: $36.00
Corkcicle: $29.95


Boxed Necklace and Earrings: $29.00

Napkins: $7.00

Bottle Opener: $14.00


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