Hannah’s Top 10 Birthday Picks

We are so excited to be sharing Hannah's Top 10 Birthday Picks from Market Street Boutique. Hannah known on Instagram as (@HannahStastny) and is also the one behind (www.pursuerighteousliving.com) Pursue Righteous Living is her creative outlet to share life, style, travel and more. Give her a follow & check out her blog!


MerSea Esprit Lava Body Polish: I am obsessed with this sweet scent! Lemons, limes and oranges mixed with tart berries and sweet honeysuckle. Ending with cedar, cloves and vanilla…what a combo! This body polish not only leaves your skin feeling super soft, it energizes you for the whole day.
Waxing Poetic Honey Love Ring: I can’t take my eyes off this ring! Waxing Poetic created this ring as a wearable metaphor; a reminder of what hard work, collective ambition, dreaming and doing can achieve: gorgeous, wonderful, bright shining moments.
Mud Pie Block Print Throw Pillows: A stylish home is a happy home. These geometric tribal pillows are a great addition to my bohemian inspired room. Statement pillows are exactly what you need to make a bed, couch or chair something special.
S’well Bottle in White Lace: The bottle you’ve seen everywhere. It lives up to it’s fame with it’s long lasting hot or cold properties. These bottles never sweat, which are great for girls on the go like me! I love being able to carry water with me wherever I go with no mess.
Capri Blue Volcano Mercury Candle: But in all seriousness, what girl doesn’t want a volcano candle for her birthday?! One candle has the power to fill up my entire home. The mercury glass outside makes it an ideal decor piece for any coffee table or desk.


Beach, Please! Giant Beach Towel: This ultra soft and oversized terry cloth towel will be perfect for pool days. Just imagine the photographic possibilities alone: you, stretched out on one of these insanely fun beauties, piña colada in hand, looking cooler than ever. You're welcome.
Gorjana Power Gemstone Beaded Bracelet: These are a great way to add color to your wardrobe. They’re fun to layer, too! Genuine howlite accent by gleaming faceted beads in an adjustable bracelet that promotes calmness, and makes the perfect gift for your friend or loved one.
Zip Zip Keychain Pouch in Mega Blooms: This fun, handy keychain is perfect for keeping change, credit cards, pins and flair all together. I don’t like to carry around much so having a small wallet is key.
Push-Pop Confetti Single Pop: Hooray, this is the best way to celebrate my birthday! These push-pops are a great way to kick start any party. They are the cutest way to announce any celebration. Get your camera ready…pop…celebrate in the flying confetti!
Spartina Sea Spray Wrap: I am all about bright colors and sea inspired jewelry.  This boho piece can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. How fun?!


Thanks for reading my birthday wish-list! Stop by to find these amazing pieces for you or your loved one!

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