Market Street Boutique Delivers Stylish Living and Cute Gift Giving in Palencia Village

Market Street Boutique Delivers Stylish Living and Cute Gift Giving in Palencia Village

If you want to give your home or your friend something with style for Christmas, we’ve discovered just the place where stylish living and cute gift giving unite and it’s super close to home.  Tucked next to one of the busiest Starbucks in St. John’s County, the newly opened Market Street Boutique adds a bit of eclectic flair to Palencia Village. The cozy little shop offers a mix of home décor, gifts, local and small business finds as well as unique furniture pieces and interior design services.

Local brands are displayed throughout the shop including Kennedy Jane, Roch N.Y. and Isle of Luxe. Shop owner Kimberly Pulaski hand picks every item in her shop, which she discovers during her travels, browsing unique artists on Etsy, and of course, word of mouth.  “Our customers are the best,” she said. “They walk in constantly and mention brands they like or a product they saw and I’ll research it, and if I think it fits us, I’ll put an order in. It’s really a lot of fun.”

The shop owner and her husband share a fondness for Palencia, a place where they chose to raise a family and grow a solid community of friends and neighbors. “Other places may have been cheaper to set up shop, but we wanted to be able to run this business successfully while still having the flexibility to do all the activities with the kids.”

They first opened Market Street Boutique this past February on Market Street in Palencia, but wanted to expand, so they relocated to its new home in Palencia Village. This move has proven successful.

“We were busting at the seams and we needed something bigger and this layout is easier to display all the wonderful product we feature. Our sales have nearly tripled since moving to this new location,” she explained. “We just love our customers.”

In addition to the Palencia Village location, Market Street Boutique has an online shop which features a number of the same products sold on the shelves.


Here are a few of Kimberly’s favorites…

 Volcano Candles
Capri Blue Candles $28.00
Kimberly Says: I can’t keep these candles on the shelf. It’s something about this scent. They are sold at Anthropologie as well and my customers just love them.

Volcano Candles


Isle of Luxe Glowing Body Polish
Isle of Luxe $25.95
Kimberly Says: This is another local brand which is sold all over the country. It’s one of my favorites.



S’well Bottles
Wood Collection Clubhouse $35.00
Kimberly Says: These Swell bottles are one of our biggest sellers. It’s at a price point where it’s a luxury to spend on yourself, but as a gift, it’s perfect. All the wood ones are hand painted and the detail really sets them apart.


Visit Market Street Boutique at 159 Palencia Village Drive or online at

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